RECONSTRUCTING COLLISIONS is about answering important questions:

  • How fast were the vehicles travelling?
  • Who entered the intersection first?
  • Where seatbelts worn and/or would they have been of any benefit?
  • Would one driver have been able to see the other driver or pedestrian at critical times?
  • And a myriad other questions relating to liability and collision severity specific to a given case.

The above questions all go to answering the big underlying questions:

  • What happened?
  • Was the collision avoidable?

Collision reconstruction begins but does not end with speeds.

We use our extensive experience and the latest technology to provide our clients with a much deeper understanding of a collision enabling them to achieve their goals. In civil cases we work for plaintiffs and defendants and in criminal cases we work for Crown Counsel and defendants. Our reports and reputation are always respected by opposing counsel, making it easier for you to reach a resolution. Contact the owner, Craig Luker, P.Eng., if you are looking for an expert witness, if you are looking to motivate settlement, or if you are simply trying to understand what happened.

The links on this page go to discussions about the specific issues typically arising from different types of crashes and analysis methods used to address them.

Checklist of issues & materials for each type of case (PDF)

Intersection Accidents